A Whistleblower’s Guide to the Pharmaceutical Industry

Here’s to the big drug maker
Selling their stuff to any taker

The white collar thugs
Who off-label their drugs

They pay off your physician
And call him a first-rate clinician

On any given day
They co-opt the FDA

Testing their drugs abroad
Makes it hard to detect the fraud

Promoting themselves on Tee Vee
Giving away samples for free

Advertising behind home plate
For drugs to get you a fun date

Purporting to cure life’s woes
Even for those with green toes

And if I have Aye dee dee
There must be a drug for me

For the child who’s a little hostile
Give him a drug to make him docile

Sometimes they invent new pills
Other times they concoct new ills

Operating in the name of science
As to ethics and morality in defiance

Conspiring to fix drug prices
That’s only one of their vices

Out for the public good?
They ain’t no robin hood!

Their legions visit providers
With donuts, coffee and even sliders

They use to give away much more
But than the feds went for the score

Their execs get paid lots of dough
Probably to conceal what they know

And even when their drugs fail
They still book revenue for the sale

Sometimes their drugs cause injury
It’s third party payors’ responsibility

And  when the feds impose a  fine?
It’s too small  to keep them in line

Watching  the economy tank
Stashing their bucks in the bank

Looking to Sell even more
Making health costs soar

So that’s how it is done
Big pharma sure makes a ton!

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