VIDEO: Getting Started as a Whistleblower

People who think they’re witnessing corporate fraud undoubtedly have many questions and concerns. This video will help answer some of those initial questions, and you can easily and confidentially contact us if you believe you’ve witnessed fraud.

You’ll find information on the different types of fraud that we work with, including securities fraud, pharmaceutical fraud, medicare/medicaid fraud, defense contractor fraud, fraudulent loans and grants, and finally, federal government contractor fraud.

You can learn about the Federal and State False Claims Act, and can also read the laws.

We’ll provide you with insight into what it means to be a whistleblower. In the Getting Started section, we provide information on what the experience is like, what to do if you think you’ve witnessed corporate misconduct, how to select a whistleblower law firm, and what the process is like as you work with your whistleblower attorneys.

Finally, visit us often for information through a variety of resources in the form of News, Articles, and Frequently Asked Questions. Reuben Guttman, co-founder of Guttman, Buschner & Brooks PLLC, authors an active Blog with insight into current cases and laws.

Do you think you've witnessed fraud in your company?


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