Nearly All Physicians Must Revalidate Medicare Enrollment by 2013—8/29/11

As part of its efforts to eliminate healthcare fraud, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will require approximately 750,000 physicians in the Medicare program to revalidate their individual enrollment records. Moreover, CMS announced on August 10th that eventually, it will send revalidation requests to more than 1.4 million health professionals between now and March 23, 2013. This revalidation effort has received criticism, with doctors describing Medicare enrollment as tedious and confusing. American Medical Association (AMA) President Peter W. Carmel, MD states, “We have very significant concerns with this revalidation effort in light of the problems physicians have had with enrollment and revalidation efforts in the past…the AMA is making this a priority and urging CMS to reconsider this action.”

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