10th May 2024

On-Demand CLE: Profiting from Whistleblower, Qui Tam, and False Claim Cases

Over $40 billion has been recovered through whistleblower, Qui Tam, and False Claims Act cases. The demand for attorneys fluent in the latest practices, procedures, and case law has never been gr...
13th Jun 2023

High Court False Claims Ruling Underscores Communication Is Key

Federal contractors should avoid taking unjustifiable risks when interpreting regulations—and then submitting bills to the US government— if they want to stay out of False Claims Act trouble....
13th Jun 2023

CLE: The Art of Drafting and Responding to Effective Demand Letters

Telephone Seminar, 6/21/2023, Noon - 1:30 | Learn the latest on The Art of Drafting and Responding to Effective Demand Letters CLE with this convenient, telephonic seminar with visual access to w...
21st Apr 2023

On Demand CLE: Pretrial False Claims Act Litigation

Federal Bar Association Webinar - Recorded May 3, 2023 The False Claims Act, which dates back to the Lincoln Administration, provides the government the right to pursue individuals or entities...
28th Mar 2023

Whistleblowers accuse Erlanger of illegal billing for concurrent surgeries that left patients unsupervised

A federal whistleblower lawsuit filed against Erlanger Health System accuses hospital leaders of illegal billing practices by knowingly overlapping surgeries and allowing trainees to operate on p...
1st Mar 2023

UPMC, head of cardiothoracic surgery will pay $8.5M to feds to settle lawsuit

"Patients don’t know their doctors are serving two masters." UPMC, a renowned cardiothoracic surgeon there and a physicians group will pay the federal government $8.5 million to settle a law...
6th Feb 2023

CLE: Demand Letters and Pre-Complaint Settlement

Program Summary Civil litigation is no more than a process to resolve disputes. Most cases never go to trial because the process is designed to provide parties with sufficient information abou...
25th Jul 2022

Demanding more impact from impact litigation: lessons to be learned from multi-state opioid settlements

By Reuben Guttman and Liza Vertinsky, July 25, 2022 In the 1990s, state Attorneys General learned how to leverage their resources when they retained private counsel to sue the...
8th Nov 2021

Whistleblowers and fears of losing funds key to enforcing U.S. vaccine rules

Workplace whistleblowers and a fear of losing federal funds are expected to play vital roles in ensuring compliance with COVID-19 vaccine mandates ordered by President Joe Biden’s administration...
20th Sep 2021

Reuben A. Guttman, District of Columbia Fellow, Co-Publishes “Pretrial Advocacy”

District of Columbia Fellow Reuben A. Guttman has co-authored a new book, “Pretrial Advocacy,” to be released by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy. (Now available in print and e-book here...