The decision to blow the whistle is an emotional decision that will require strategic thinking. You need to find a whistleblower law firm that you can work with and that will be sensitive to the difficult decision that you are about to make.

Look for a law firm that has the ability to engage in complex litigation. You want to find a firm that can put complex facts together, has the resources to analyze the entire company, and do a top-to-bottom forensic analysis of what motivates the company to engage in the conduct that you have complained about. If you are asking a whistleblower law firm to represent you in a false claims case, that whistleblower law firm should have complex litigation experience. Do they have the resources to put an intricate complaint together? Do they have the manpower to do extensive document review, which means indexing documents and cutting out the ones that will be used to prove the case? Do they have the ability to take depositions and have they done so? Do they have the ability to argue motions and try cases? These are activities that the firm you retain should possess without having to team up with another firm. You need to make inquiries before you choose a firm. No lawyer should be offended if you ask these questions.

Lawyers generally get paid by the hour or they work on contingency. Lawyers, who work on contingency, depending on state bar rules, can advance costs and do not get paid unless the case is successful. Many false claims lawyers represent their clients on contingency and you should feel free to ask for such an arrangement if it meets your needs.

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